SPECTRALIS is an upgradeable imaging platform that provides you with the high quality images you need to make confident clinical decisions. As your confidence grows and as new technology becomes available, you can simply add new imaging modalities to your SPECTRALIS, enhancing your diagnostic confidence and ensuring you made a wise investment. Find out below why eye care professionals are investing in patient care in their practice and becoming SPECTRALIS owners for life.

“I have been fortunate to try almost every OCT platform, but I believe the Spectralis supplies the highest quality and most reproducible images. It enables us to image all the structures relevant in glaucoma on one platform – RNFL, ganglion cell layer, full retinal thickness and neuroretinal rim. We now know that imaging the macular can reveal glaucomatous changes that may be missed with RNFL imaging alone. The multimodal approach offered by Spectralis enables me to look at agreement between scans to confirm a diagnosis.”

Andrew Tatham, Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeon
Princess Alexandra Eye Pavilion

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“What stands out is the clarity of the images – I have been really surprised by how brilliant the resolution is. The repeatability of the images we capture is so important, and with SPECTRALIS the repeatability is incredible. The qualities of the SPECTRALIS absolutely help when providing good patient care. We have a large proportion of elderly patients who have very little issue with OCT and infrared fundus imaging, despite the extra chair time, as there is no bright flash and no need for pupil dilation. The modular functionality of SPECTRALIS has also been helpful to us as a business, giving us the ability to bolt on new technology, such as glaucoma monitoring or OCT Angiography. Being able to do this without having to buy an entirely new scanner is a nice position to be in.”

Brad Raison, Optometrist and Practice Owner
Raison Opticians
SPECTRALIS Owner since 2018

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“The SPECTRALIS is the gold standard OCT so it makes it much easier to compare findings with consultants. All the ophthalmologists that I work with expect a good clinical practice to have a SPECTRALIS as part of their diagnostic arsenal. I love the clinical aspect of my job and know that I can manage my patients with confidence, and refer with confidence to either NHS or private consultants.”

Don Williams, Optometrist and Practice Owner
Edgbaston Eye Clinic
SPECTRALIS Owner since 2017

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“I really love the SPECTRALIS SPIRIT, as having used OCT so much in the hospital environment I feel that I am not carrying out a thorough eye examination without it. It is so quick and easy to use, and with Heidelberg Engineering's training my support staff will soon be undertaking the acquisition of images. The idea of OCT has been positively received by the patients too who appreciate the greater level of care.”

Nishit Patel, Optometrist and Practice Owner
Orpington Eye Care Centre
SPECTRALIS Owner since 2017

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“We needed to choose a hospital-grade OCT and the SPECTRALIS SPIRIT was the clear choice as it is highly regarded by ophthalmologists and offers the clinical credibility and quality of images that we need, whilst being really easy to use.”

Daniel Harris, Optometrist Director
Specsavers Hemel Hempstead
SPECTRALIS SPIRIT owner since 2018

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“After careful consideration of all the options, the Heidelberg SPECTRALIS platform is by far the most affordable OCT for an optometric practice. The upgradeable modular design allows me to add other imaging modalities, as well as new technology when it becomes available, making SPECTRALIS the only OCT I will ever have to buy.”

Peter Sanders, Dispensing Optician and Practice Owner
Eyecare Opticians
SPECTRALIS owner since 2016

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“We were attracted to the SPECTRALIS by its ease of use and the eye tracking which ensures that follow-on scans are very accurate. Now that we have it, we realise how amazing this capability is: if a patient blinks or moves, the scan just picks up again in the same place in a fraction of a second. The ability to have ongoing upgrades to the SPECTRALIS is also a great advantage. Our referrals are far more accurate since we have been using the Spectralis and this has enhanced our relationship with the ophthalmologists and local hospitals. Heidelberg Engineering is a great company to work with – we really appreciate their high level of education and training, and the support is excellent.”

Wendy d’E.Vallancey and Mary Bramley, Optometrists, Practice Owners
Aves Optometrists
SPECTRALIS owners since 2015

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“I reached this decision after taking advice from a Moorfields Eye Hospital ophthalmologist who told me that if I wanted the best OCT, an upgradable platform, with the best technical support and clinical back up, there was no choice but the SPECTRALIS. I am more confident in recognising, diagnosing, managing, monitoring and explaining conditions to patients. Many of the practice staff have been trained on the tool and love being involved in the clinical process. They have grown in confidence, feel more valued and really enjoy using it.”

Paul Adler, Optometrist and Practice Owner
Paul Adler Optometrists
SPECTRALIS owner since 2013

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“There is only one comment – wow! There is no comparison in the quality of the images, compared to everything else we saw and it is so quick and easy to use. We were utterly blown away by the technology. After eighteen months in practice it has more than paid for itself, moreover, it has helped us to position ourselves as one of the best practices in the UK.”

Alisdair Buchanan, Optometrist, Practice Owner
Buchanan Optometrists
SPECTRALIS owner since 2013

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“The SPECTRALIS is just fantastic! It features the highest definition and is so easy and quick to use. The patients really like the reassurance that OCT brings.”

John Everett, Optometrist, Practice Owner
Norville Opticians
SPECTRALIS owner since 2013

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“Many eye conditions are managed by repeat measurements and comparisons to baseline measurement. Heidelberg technology has the edge over all other machines because of its ability to ensure that I am measuring exactly the same piece of tissue each time. Without that, trying to make a comparison would be pointless.”

David Hallgate, Optometrist, Practice Owner
David Hallgate Optometrists
SPECTRALIS owner since 2013

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“Two things really led us to select SPECTRALIS as our first practice OCT – ease of use and the superb imaging quality of the technology. This was supported by the fact that the two hospitals that we refer to – The Royal Hallamshire in Sheffield and Chesterfield Royal Hospital – both use SPECTRALIS, so this makes communication with the ophthalmologists very easy.”

Mark Holloway, Optometrist, Practice Owner
Thomas and Holloway Opticians
SPECTRALIS owner since 2013

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“Thanks to the SPECTRALIS we were the first in the country to establish COMMUNITY AGE RELATED MACULAR SERVICES, for which we won an Excellence in Ophthalmology Award. Now there are three practices in Kent providing this service via Maidstone Hospital.”

Niall O’Kane, Optometrist, Practice Owner
Niall O’Kane Optometrists
SPECTRALIS owner since 2009

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“If you are interested in clinical care and helping patients to look after their vision in the best possible way, there is only one machine worth having – the SPECTRALIS. I have two in my practice and I like the way they can be updated with each new innovation.”

John Rose, Optometrist, Practice Owner
John Rose Eyecare
SPECTRALIS owner since 2011

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“I was looking for quality and exceptional customer service and this is what I have found. The modularity of the system is a very good idea. I am using SPECTRALIS a lot for specialist contact lens fitting for irregular corneas as we can measure the clearance from the back of the contact lens to the top of the cornea using the Anterior Segment Module – a very useful application, especially in hybrid contact lens fitting.”

Jason Rickaby, Optometrist, Practice Owner
Jason Rickaby Opticians
SPECTRALIS owner since 2015

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“The training and support Heidelberg Engineering provides has been excellent and the software is really fool proof. We have started using fluorescein angiography, which is easy to do and patients are impressed. As our patient base grows we expect to do much more of this work and are looking to take on referred cases.”

Jay Bhatt, Optometrist
Optegra London
SPECTRALIS owner since 2016

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“The SPECTRALIS has given me greater diagnostic confidence. Sometimes experience tells you something is not right because of a low standard of vision, but now we can see so much more, and really examine the structure of the eye. The SPECTRALIS finds the answers to problems that you have puzzled about for years – it unravels the structures of the eye and is as significant for me as the discovery of DNA.”

Peter Waite, Optometrist, Practice Owner
K.G. Miles Optometrists
SPECTRALIS owner since 2015

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“Having evaluated a number of platforms on the market I decided on the Heidelberg SPECTRALIS because of the outstanding image quality, the modularity of the system, the upgradeability and the long term support. SPECTRALIS allows us to make more informed choices regarding treatments and provides more accurate monitoring. We are already seeing detail that we have never seen before on our ultra-high resolution OCT2 scans and the OCT Angiography Module is already helping us to alter and modify treatment paradigms.”

Sundeep Kheterpal, Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeon, Clinic Owner
Windsor Eye Clinic
SPECTRALIS owner since 2016

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“It is a testament to the quality of the Heidelberg Engineering technology that the local teaching hospitals are using this imaging technology too. SPECTRALIS is integral to every patient’s care regime and the fact that no dilation is required is a great advantage for many patients.”

Andrew Needham, Consultant Ophthalmologist, Clinic Owner
Eyecare Medical
SPECTRALIS owner since 2011

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“Essential to accurate, and early, diagnosis is the BluePeak autofluorescence and MultiColor Module of the Heidelberg Engineering SPECTRALIS, combined with the new Widefield Imaging Module for 55 degree scanning. It is always good to stay one step ahead with technology and we are very pleased to be upgrading to the OCT2 module. With added scanning speed and features it is a great diagnostic tool and the patients find the technology fascinating.”

Peter Holm, Senior Ophthalmic Technician
London Medical
SPECTRALIS owner since 2014

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