Andrew Needham


Rapid referral pathways for people suspected of having wet AMD put an unsustainable strain on the local hospital eye department in Macclesfield. The north-west’s independent Eyecare Medical is a template for success in other regions

Operating much as a local hospital eye department, Eyecare Medical in Macclesfield has a significant number of NHS contracts, and relies on its Heidelberg Engineering SPECTRALIS, which is in constant use. With more than 700 patients requiring AMD, vein occlusion and diabetic retinopathy care, the independent clinic is so busy that it has set up two satellite units.

Having pioneered the community AMD intravitreal service nine years ago, the clinic, which serves a community some 35 miles across, has opened units within GP practices in Sandbach and Northwich to keep up with patient needs.

Led by Mr Andrew Needham, Consultant Ophthalmologist, who previously worked at Macclesfield Hospital, the clinic concentrates on providing a high level of care and working closely with the hospitals in Manchester, Macclesfield and Liverpool.

“Having the same Heidelberg technology as a teaching hospital is a great advantage in the level of care that we provide. Patient satisfaction with our service is high, with 97% stating that they are “happy with the treatment, care and support provided by the team”,” said Mr Needham.

Mr Needham was approached by the Clinical Commissioning Group to make provision for patient care with this independent unit and the investment was made in the SPECTRALIS.

“A vital tool for patient care, it benefits from its matched imaging capabilities at the nearby ophthalmology departments in Macclesfield and Liverpool. It is a testament to the quality of the Heidelberg Engineering technology that the local teaching hospitals are using this imaging technology too. We can take very accurate foveal thickness measurements in moments and track change over time.

“As a leading cause of blindness, AMD requires regular monitoring and treatment with each patient scanned every six weeks: the SPECTRALIS is integral to every patient’s care regime and the fact that no dilation is required is a great advantage for many patients.”

Andrew Needham, Consultant Ophthalmologist, Clinic Owner
Eyecare Medical
SPECTRALIS owner since 2011

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