The 4 Eyed Professor Podcast

In this episode of the 4 Eyed Professor, Doctors Chris Lievens, Swarup Swaminathan, and Jim Williamson unravel the intricacies of GMPE and how this revolutionary technology is transforming the glaucoma management landscape.

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Maximizing Swept-Source OCT Technology for IOL Surgical Planning

Learn from expert panel webinar about Heidelberg Engineering ANTERION® technology. Hear from leading ophthalmologists and researchers as they share their experience and answer audience questions.

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Recognizing Common OCT Artifacts for Successful Clinical Management of Glaucoma

Dr. Osamah Saeedi explains why clinicians should be well-versed in potential sources of error on OCT scans in order to make the right decisions for glaucoma patient care.

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Promising News for Patients with Dry AMD

Learn from Jeremiah Brown, Jr., MS, MD, Retina Consultants of Texas / Brown Retina Institute about the latest advancements in monitoring and treating Geographic Atrophy with OCT.

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