Mark Holloway

Ease of use and superb image quality…

“Two things really led us to select SPECTRALIS as our first practice OCT – ease of use and the superb imaging quality of the technology. This was supported by the fact that the two hospitals that we refer to – The Royal Hallamshire in Sheffield and Chesterfield Royal Hospital – both use SPECTRALIS, so this makes communication with the ophthalmologists very easy.

Since acquiring the OCT a few months ago we have made a number of referrals and it has given us some definitive answers. The patients like reassurance and we can tell them what we have found straight away so that reduces some uncertainty for them.

We book the OCT scans as separate appointments and I carry them out and discuss the results with the other optometrists. Heidelberg have been very quick to support us in developing our skills within the practice.

Most of our patients are happy to pay for the scan and are very complimentary and positive about the service that we are providing.”

Mark Holloway, Optometrist, Practice Owner
Thomas and Holloway Opticians
SPECTRALIS owner since 2013

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