Hanusch Retinal OCTraining

The OCTraining book and the OCTraining interactive offer an all-inclusive package to improve your OCT interpretation and put your knowledge into practice with 94 thoroughly and meticulously interpreted OCT cases.

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Heidelberg Engineering on the OIS Podcast

Sophia Pathai, host of the Ophthalmic Innovation Source podcast, caught up with Kfir Azoulay and Tosh Vadhia to talk about upcoming trends and opportunities in ophthalmology.

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Your secure way to ophthalmic apps

Heidelberg AppWay is a secure gateway to access both clinical and research applications that can offer additional insight into diagnostic images from Heidelberg Engineering devices.

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Become a Certified SPECTRALIS Operator: Retina and Glaucoma

Completing the certification recognises your expertise and can be used to show competency in using the standard image acquisition and analysis functions of the SPECTRALIS.

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