John Rose

Update with each innovation…

“Every day is so interesting – I can’t believe how lucky I am to use such amazing technology. As professionals we are so fortunate to have access to equipment that tells us so much. The innovation of the SPECTRALIS is amazing and as a manufacturer Heidelberg takes a long term view, which I like as a practice owner.

The range of normal is so enormous that follow-up is the key to the value of OCT. Following change through eye tracking, and the tremendous attention to detail of the SPECTRALIS, make it a very valuable tool. It is only when you start following up that you realise that Heidelberg Engineering is in a class of its own.

If you are interested in clinical care and helping patients to look after their vision in the best possible way, there is only one machine worth having – the SPECTRALIS. I have two in my practice and I like the way they can be updated with each new innovation.”

John Rose, Optometrist, Practice Owner
John Rose Eyecare
SPECTRALIS owner since 2011

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