Peter Sanders

“In this day and age you have to lead, not follow. To be ahead of the game you have to have an OCT and I opted for the best.

“The SPECTRALIS looks very understated, but it does so much more than any other – easier to use, but importantly easier for patients. Other OCTs require the patient to be still and not to blink, but with the SPECTRALIS it doesn’t matter as the eye tracking allows me to pick the exact scan I want at the exact moment I need it for complete accuracy.

“Not only is SPECTRALIS the most user friendly, it is the most accurate OCT on the market and I regard it as the ultimate eye health check. We are offering the scans to everyone. If your eyes are healthy then it gives a base line for future tests, and if there is a problem we find it. The patients think it is fantastic. It is currently used by the optometrists but in the future I am expecting other members of the team to use it.

“One of the reasons I bought the SPECTRALIS over other OCTs is that it is the most economical on the market, as it is always being updated. I could have bought an OCT which was initially cheaper but I would probably replace it twice in the next ten years, making it a lot more expensive in the long run. After careful consideration of all the options, the Heidelberg SPECTRALIS platform is by far the most affordable OCT for an optometric practice. The upgradeable modular design allows me to add other imaging modalities, as well as new technology when it becomes available, making SPECTRALIS the only OCT I will ever have to buy.

“There is only one OCT worth considering – others may sound cheaper but they are large and daunting for the patient, they might not be so easy to use and they are not as sophisticated. SPECTRALIS is very much the best.

“We are looking to start marketing the OCT to our patients and expect it to really take off. We charge £45 for a scan and I expect to pay for the device within a few years. It is here to develop the business, and is amazing as I keep finding out more.

“I have recently discovered I can image the Meibomian glands – this has massive potential for treating dry eye patients. The ability to add modules such as Widefield Imaging Module, Anterior Segment Module and OCT Angiography Module have great benefits as I am looking to invite a local consultant to run some of his clinics at the practice.

“I aim to make the practice the best it can be and the SPECTRALIS is a vital part of this.”

Peter Sanders, Dispensing Optician and Practice Owner
Eyecare Opticians
SPECTRALIS owner since 2016

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