David Hallgate

Exactly the same piece of tissue every time…

“As a practitioner with special interest I am receiving referrals from other optometrists to look at conditions that can be managed in primary care. The Heidelberg suite of equipment (HRT3, SPECTRALIS OCT and the HEP perimeter) gives me the ability and confidence to keep the patient away from the Hospital eye service.

Many eye conditions are managed by repeat measurements and comparisons to baseline measurement. Heidelberg technology has the edge over all other machines because of its ability to ensure that I am measuring exactly the same piece of tissue each time. Without that, trying to make a comparison would be pointless.

The other huge strength that I so appreciate is the fact that the analyzing software speaks to all the equipment to produce meaningful reports – For instance – The HRT3 measures the structure of the optic nerve head and the HEP perimeter measure the function of the optic nerve. Those two pieces of information are then put together into one report and suddenly the information becomes meaningful.

I am excited by Heidelberg’s vision for the future. The ability to detect diabetes by analyzing the corneal nerves with the HRT3. And most exciting, the ability to detect glaucoma by comparing the optic nerve head tissue to Bruch’s membrane.”

David Hallgate, Optometrist, Practice Owner
David Hallgate Optometrists
SPECTRALIS owner since 2013

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