Jason Rickaby


“I have come to recognise that the limiting belief is not with the patient but with the practitioner – you cannot be unsure of yourself in suggesting OCT and advanced screening, as everyone picks up on this. 70% of my patients are being screened regularly. Patients are seeing that this is the norm and appreciate the degree of care provided by the 3D images,” said independent practice owner Jason Rickaby.

The Lincoln practitioner believes that the investment in the SPECTRALIS has brought a new level of care to his patients since he acquired the technology last year. Some 25% of practice business is hospital or triage care, largely with glaucoma patients –

“The SPECTRALIS is incredibly accurate in overlaying one image on top of another. Having had another OCT before, we appreciate the superior degree of precision the SPECTRALIS provides.”

The quality and support services provided for the OCT were of paramount importance and, a year down the line, Jason is delighted -

“I was looking for quality and exceptional customer service and this is what I have found. The modularity of the system is a very good idea and I am looking at BluePeak autofluorescence and widefield imaging as screening tools. We have picked up a lot of pathologies – macular holes, vitreomacular traction, and wet AMD.

“I am conducting baseline screening on as many of my 12,000 patients as possible and charging £30 for this. 70% are NHS patients who pay the top-up fee, accepting that the NHS fee cannot cover such advanced, high end technology, much as they do with dental charges.

“Additionally, I am using it a lot for specialist contact lens fitting for irregular corneas as we can measure the clearance from the back of the contact lens to the top of the cornea using the Anterior Segment Module – a very useful application, especially in hybrid contact lens fitting.”

Jason Rickaby, Optometrist, Practice Owner
Jason Rickaby Opticians
SPECTRALIS owner since 2015

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