John Everett

Patient reassurance…

“The SPECTRALIS is just fantastic! It features the highest definition and is so easy and quick to use. I like the definition and the tracking. If someone complains of blurred or distorted vision we can refer them appropriately.

We had a patient recently who presented with blurred vision and she was concerned that it was Wet AMD, which her husband had recently been diagnosed with, so she recognised the symptoms. Very soon we were able to reassure her that it was a small macular hole, secondary to vitreomacular traction and she was referred to the eye clinic. We would have had difficulty detecting this even with dilation. The patient was delighted that she didn’t have any signs of AMD. The patients really like the reassurance that OCT brings.

We knew that we needed to use the SPECTRALIS on five patients a day to break even, but sometimes we are screening ten patients a day.”

John Everett, Optometrist, Practice Owner
Norville Opticians
SPECTRALIS owner since 2013

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