Practice Tools

Patient Brochures

To reiterate the importance of the OCT examination and help better understand its results, give patients a customized brochure with additional notes pertaining to their exam.

Patient flyer OCT for glaucoma patients

Art-No. 200060-001

Important information about the OCT examination for glaucoma

OCT Preventive Examination Record

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The OCT preventive examination record serves as a reminder for your patients to keep track of their current OCT results and the date of their next OCT examination.

OCT preventive examination record

Art-No. 200058-001

The OCT preventive examination record documents the oct examination results and should be personalized and handed over to the patient to remind him of the next examination


Educational posters can be placed throughout your practice to support you with patient education. These comprehensive posters will help your patients understand the value of OCT examinations.

Poster Whole Eye OCT

Art-No. 200571-001

The poster provides structural details of the whole eye based on OCT images.

Poster Glaucoma

Art-No. 2632-001

The poster provides an overview of a healthy optic nerve head and the most common causes of glaucoma diseases

Poster Retina

Art-No. 99811-001

The poster provides an overview of a healthy eye and various retinal pathologies

SPECTRALIS OCT: Beyond this World

Art-No. 303081-001

Did you know? The SPECTRALIS OCT has been on the International Space Station since 2013.

Eye Test "Amsler Grid"

Amsler Grid

Art-No. 200345-001

With the Amsler grid, you can test the function of the macula yourself on a regular basis.