Top 25 innovations in eye care in the past 25 years you had to choose the most significant achievements in eye care, what would you pick? As Heidelberg Engineering celebrated its 25th anniversary and reflected on the contribution of its own technologies to the advancement of eye care, this larger question emerged. What stood out the most? More importantly, what did eye care professionals worldwide think?

Curious to find out, the company approached Ophthalmology Times to commission an independent, unaided survey among its international readership. In an online survey, readers representing all of the sub-specialties within ophthalmology were asked to name what they personally thought were the top 5 innovations that had the biggest impact in the advancement of eye care in the last 25 years.

The results were consolidated to form a list of the top 25 innovations which have been gradually revealed and published throughout 2016 both on the Ophthalmology Times website.

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