Build your Confidence

If you are new to OCT, with the SPECTRALIS SPIRIT you can begin with just the essentials


Learn to operate the SPECTRALIS SPIRIT in less than 15 minutes.

Designed to meet the demanding requirements of a busy High Street practice, the new streamlined user interface makes it easy to get stunning images first time with just 3 clicks, even in challenging patients. You will be able to interpret and explain simple, intuitive reports in no time.

LIVE high resolution image capture, even through undilated pupils and cataracts, means you will feel comfortable and confident within minutes. The LIVE infrared image will provide complementary diagnostic information you cannot see with your fundus camera. Integrate your existing pre-screening devices and migrate your legacy fundus images for easy viewing all in one place.


Identify as little as 1 µm of change, never follow-up on the wrong patient.

Automatically customised to the patient’s own anatomy, the glaucoma scan is the most sensitive and specific early indicator of glaucoma. This scan has been designed to catch the earliest signs of glaucoma and ensure correct referrals into the health service. The macula scan visualises 12 individual layers of the retina with stunning high-definition detail throughout the entire volume.

When the patient returns, SPECTRALIS SPIRIT uses retinal recognition technology to lock onto the patient’s retina and follow-up in the exact same location to measure as little as 1 micron of change over time. This level of accuracy ensures a low rate of false positives.


Space isn‘t an issue.

Surprisingly small and flexible, you can configure your ideal setup with a host of compact table and computer options designed with the smallest of practices in mind. No additional hardware is necessary in the consulting room with wireless web browser technology that lets you view patient images on a monitor or iPad anywhere in practice. cSLO technology allows you to get images through small pupils in any lighting conditions for even greater flexibility.


Transform the patient journey.

The SPECTRALIS SPIRIT allows you to choose the speed of your engine. OCT2 doubles the speed to deliver depth of imaging comparable to swept source without sacrificing resolution in the inner retina.


Peace of mind.

Starting with just the essentials, you can afford to be confident with the SPECTRALIS DNA built in. The smaller upfront investment and upgradeable design of the SPECTRALIS SPIRIT means that you can grow your confidence and position yourself perfectly to take advantage of community shared care opportunities in the future.


Trust the experts.

Heidelberg Engineering holds your hand as you embed this new technology into a retail practice. We are imaging experts in partnership with you, supporting you every step on the way. Our Academy provides a comprehensive educational programme tailored to all learning styles. Online learning resources help your team to learn at their own pace.