Build your Practice

The true potential of multi-modal diagnostic imaging awaits you

When you convert to the full functionality of SPECTRALIS OCT you unleash the power and flexibility of the HEYEX 2 image management system and amazing flexibility of cSLO multi-modality imaging*.

  • Complete scanning flexibility

    The unique combination of cSLO laser imaging and OCT allows you to adjust every aspect of the scan. Choose the type, density, position, size, and axis to help you to pinpoint pathology and acquire more detailed information to refine your clinical decisions. Create and save preset scanning protocols customised to patient demographics. Go beyond the basics by using enhanced and full depth imaging functionality for more detail in the vitreous and choroid. The transverse section analysis also gives you an enface view of the retinal structure. The Anterior Segment Module can help measure the anterior chamber angle relevant for the diagnosis of narrow angle glaucoma. With 9 internal fixation targets and an external fixation light, you can create widefield fundus montages that provide insight into the periphery.

  • Dynamic visualisation

    HEYEX 2 builds a multi-modal case history, delivering a complete, diagnostically relevant picture of the patient. With 3D OCT animation and infrared movies, you can educate your patients and improve patient compliance. Visualise 10 layers of the retina and manually adjust the segmentation with clever tools in HEYEX 2 for a higher level of accuracy and analysis. Use the flicker feature to observe real change between visits.

  • Detailed and accurate analysis

    HEYEX 2 is a feature-rich clinical tool that offers interactive image manipulation, measurement and annotation, onscreen analysis and customised comparison of images supporting you as you grow the clinical side of your practice. Visualisation of the optic nerve head analysis and a comprehensive approach to glaucoma management gives you the confidence to monitor patients in the community.

  • Comprehensive reporting

    The one click import export facility allows you to share data quickly and easily. With the image lightbox, you can select images to view, compare and report. The comprehensive reports package gives you a host of formats to match your individual preferences.

  • Robust healthcare IT functionality

    HEYEX 2 role-based access and workflow engines streamline training and ensure a high level of security. HEYEX 2 can seamlessly integrate with most patient management systems, giving the perception of an all-in-one solution. HEYEX 2 makes it possible to integrate many third party DICOM and non-DICOM devices to streamline workflow and enhance the patient experience.

*Patient data will not be carried across when you convert from SPECTRALIS SPIRIT to SPECTRALIS OCT.