Recorded Webinar COFFHE with Frank Holz

Take your coffee cup and enjoy the coffee break with Prof. Frank Holz (University Eye Hospital Bonn) and his presentation focusing on Neovascularization and many exciting case studies from clinical practice.

Recorded Webinar ONLINE CONSULTATION-HOUR with Prof. Dr. Nicolas Feltgen

Take part in the interactive discussion with Prof. Nicolas Feltgen (University Eye Hospital Göttingen). It will be a race through all the different eye diseases using multimodal imaging.

PDF Tutorial Image Acquisition: SPECTRALIS Retina

This quick tutorial for SPECTRALIS© describes how to acquire images of the retina and highlights a selection of the scan pattern presets available (Line, Radial, Fast, Dense and Posterior Pole).

PDF Tutorial Searching for Clues on OCT Images

This guide will help you to evaluate OCT images systematically and to describe the clinical observations visualized in a straightforward and efficient manner.

Making the Connection: OCT Paired with Visual Fields

In this video, Sanjay Asrani discusses correlating structural OCT measurements taken using the SPECTRALIS diagnostic imaging platform with functional data obtained using the Heidelberg Edge Perimeter.

Optimizing IR and OCT Imaging with the SPECTRALIS

Pristine infrared OCT images are essential in assessing retinopathy. In this course, you will learn techniques to help you acquire detailed IR, and SD-OCT images quickly, and accurately, even on difficult-to-image patients.

PDF Tutorial SPECTRALIS HRA+OCT – How to acquire the perfect image

This guide provides an introduction to the entire SPECTRALIS product family to successfully start using your SPECTRALIS HRA+OCT.

HOW TO: Interpreting OCT Images

This tutorial will teach you a systematic approach to interpreting OCT and fundus images.

PDF Tutorial Handout Retinal Layers

This guide contains a detailed overview of individual retinal layers, their borderlines, terminology as well as correlating cell structures of the retina.