Product Video SPECTRALIS SHIFT Technology

SPECTRALIS with SHIFT technology is the first commercially available OCT that allows you to switch between 20, 85 and 125 kHz A-scan rates – three OCT scan speeds to find the ideal balance of image quality and clinical workflow.


Martin Long presents the core SPECTRALIS technologies (DNA) that provide the ability to pinpoint pathology and identify real change.


No matter how you configure your SPECTRALIS, you can be sure it contains the core DNA for high contrast, high resolution images.

SPECTRALIS - The DNA for Enhanced Diagnostic Confidence

In this video, the many voices of Heidelberg Engineering representatives from across the globe describe how the technology in the SPECTRALIS, or its DNA, enhances clinical decision making and ensures it is the only imaging platform you will ever have to buy.


Using the SPECTRALIS® fundus image like a map, the AutoRescan function automatically places follow-up scans in precisely the same position visit after visit.

Noise Reduction

SPECTRALIS® Noise Reduction is a proprietary technology that removes noise inherent in OCT and scanning laser imaging. By capturing multiple images in the exact same location this technology is able to differentiate structural information from noise and then effectively remove noise.

SPECTRALIS in one word

How would you describe SPECTRALIS® in one word?

SPECTRALIS TruTrack Active Eye Tracking and AutoRescan

In this video, Prof. Dr. Holz (DE), Dr. John B. Miller (USA), Ethan Priel (IL), Dr. Sergio Pagliarini (UK) and Dr. Donald Hood (USA) discuss their experiences with the SPECTRALIS® TruTrack Active EyeTracking and AutoRescan.

What's your opinion about multimodal imaging?

In this video, Marc Clark (USA), Dr. Deeba Husain (USA), Ethan Priel (IL), Dr. Mark Nelson (USA), Dr. Joan W. Miller, Robert Dunphy and Prof. Dr. Frank G. Holz (DE) discuss their experiences with multimodal imaging and why they think that it is important for their clinical routine.

What do you think about SPECTRALIS diagnostic imaging?

In this video, Michael Wall (USA), Dr. Mark Nelson (USA), Dr. Deeba Husain (USA), Dr. John B. Miller (USA), Dr. Donald Hood (USA), Prof. Dr. Frank G. Holz (DE), Ethan Priel (IL), Joan W. Miller (USA) and Dr. Marc Clark (USA) discuss their experiences with the SPECTRALIS® and how they think about diagnostic imaging.

How do you use SPECTRALIS to increase patient care?

In this video, SPECTRALIS® users all over the world describe their experiences with the SPECTRALIS und how the device increases their patient care.

SPECTRALIS - The multi-modality imaging platform

Learn from Dr. Jackson why you should invest in the multi-modal imaging platform SPECTRALIS OCT.

EyeWire TV - SPECTRALIS is Headed to Space

Watch as the SPECTRALIS with OCT2 Module heads to the International Space station and hear from Dr. David M. Brown, the retina specialist on the NASA SANS Research & Clinical Advisory Panel, about the effects of microgravity on vision.