High-Resolution Swept-Source OCT Images That Empower You to Improve Patient Care

With the multimodal imaging platform ANTERION® you get exceptionally clear swept-source OCT images of the anterior segment. They provide visual confirmation of the most important anterior segment examinations and measurements, strengthening your confidence in the biometry and in your surgery planning.


Your advantage? High-resolution images of the entire anterior segment – from the anterior surface of the cornea to the posterior surface of the lens – empower you to make confident diagnostic and treatment decisions that ultimately improve patient care.

Prof. Oliver Findl, from the Hanusch Hospital in Vienna confirms the exceptional quality of the ANTERION images:

“We had high-contrast and high-resolution OCT images of the entire anterior segment with little or no artifact movements. The scans were possible in eyes with different pathologies of the anterior and posterior segment.”

Discover the power of swept-source OCT imaging for yourself. See what you measure and measure what you see with ANTERION.

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