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Glaucoma Imaging Atlas

The Glaucoma Imaging Atlas is a compilation of case studies from 29 global contributors that aims to:

  • Showcase the usefulness of OCT technology in a vast range of disease states.
  • Provide a comprehensive explanation of how to effectively integrate OCT technology into daily practice.
  • Share real cases to illustrate how to reduce uncertainty in cases where summary metrics do not agree.
  • Illustrate how to capitalize on images (B-scans and fundus) to enable confident clinical decision-making.
by Heidelberg Enginering
price / unit €99.00

Glaucoma Imaging Atlas Preview Book

The Glaucoma Imaging Atlas is a compilation of case studies from 29 international glaucoma specialists. The Preview Book provides an excerpt and covers three different cases.

The case series demonstrates how SD-OCT imaging, combined with visual field testing can enhance the clinical diagnosis and management of Glaucoma.

OCT Atlas

This e-book by N. Yoshimura and M. Hangai describes the functionality of OCT. Numerous high quality OCT cases of many common retinal diseases as well as images of several rare diseases are shown and explained.
by Nagahisa Yoshimura, MD and Masanori Hangai, MD

Hanusch retinal OCTraining

Level UP your OCT skills! The OCTraining offers an all-inclusive package to improve your OCT interpretation. Starting with OCT-relevant anatomy, physiology, and pathophysiology, you will be able to put your knowledge into practice with 94 thoroughly and meticulously interpreted OCT cases. No matter if you are starting out or if you want to refresh your knowledge, the OCTrainig is a fun way to do it.
by Michal Cieplucha, Josef Huemer, Stefan Palkovits, Oliver Findl (english)

Atlas OCT Angiography in Diabetic Maculopathy

Comparison with Multimodal Imaging

This e-book by G. Coscas, M. Lupidi, and F. Coscas illustrates the ability of the non-invasive OCT Angiography Module for the SPECTRALIS® to produce threedimensional representations of the perfused retinal vessels and capillaries. It visualizes microaneurysms and areas of capillary non-perfusion, which are characteristic of diabetic maculopathy.

by Gabriel Coscas, Marco Lupidi, Florence Coscas

Optical Coherence Tomography in Retinal Diseases

A Practical Interactive Book for Technicians and Retinal Clinicians

This e-book by M. Cozzi, A. Invernizzi and C. Bianchi provides a comprehensive and practically oriented introduction into the field of OCT in retinal diseases.

The interpretation and diagnosis of OCT images are explained using actual clinical cases. An interactive quiz allows you to test your knowledge after reading.

by Mariano Cozzi, Alessandro Invernizzi, Carlo Domenico Bianchi; Supervised by E. Priel / G. Staurenghi

Atlas OCT Angiography in AMD

Comparison with multimodal imaging

This e-book by G. Coscas, M. Lupidi, and F. Coscas shows the ability of OCT angiography in detecting, defining the type, grading the activity and assisting the treatment decision in cases of exudative Age-related Macular Degeneration (AMD).
by Gabriel Coscas, Marco Lupidi, Florence Coscas

Atlas of OCT

Retinal Anatomy in Health & Pathology

This e-book by N. A. Adams helps educate SPECTRALIS® users in the interpretation of SPECTRALIS OCT images in various diseases.

The atlas explains the layers of the retina as observed in a "normal" eye and discusses retinal diseases including vitreomacular traction, epiretinal membrane, macular hole, cystoid/diabetic macular edema and dry/wet macular degeneration.

by Neal A. Adams

MultiColor Atlas

This e-book by Dr. Shozo Sonoda highlights the differences between fundus images acquired with a fundus camera and MultiColor images.

It shows the principles and features of MultiColor in a wide range of case studies illustrated by many different images.

by Dr. Shozo Sonoda