ANTERION: All-in-one tool for cataract and refractive surgery

ANTERION® is the all-in-one device for the anterior segment. It brings together the most important examinations and measurements in a single instrument to reduce patient chair time. ANTERION supports you in streamlining your clinical workflows, which has proven even more relevant under COVID-19 conditions.

Using optimized swept-source OCT technology and eye tracking, ANTERION acquires high-resolution images of the entire anterior segment that also provide the basis for the very precise measurements required in cataract and refractive surgery.

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Cornea alaysis and full biometry
Topography and tomography maps of the corneal surfaces, corneal imaging, and axial length measurements for eyes with astigmatism and cataract.*

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Cornea analysis and full biometry

  • Corneal topography and tomography maps: Anterior and posterior axial curvature, pachymetry, total corneal power, total corneal wavefront, posterior/anterior corneal curvature radii ratio, elevation maps
  • Axial length measurement
  • Lens thickness
  • Aqueous depth
  • White-to-white and pupil

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IOL calculation
Toric IOL calculation allowing for adjustment of surgical induced astigmatism and selection of anterior corneal astigmatism or total corneal astigmatism.*

IOL calculation

  • Spheric and toric IOL calculation
  • Integrated IOL formulas: SRK/T, Haigis, Holladay I, Hoffer Q®, Barrett formulas (Universal II, Toric, True-K, True-K Toric)
  • ULIB and IOLCon database support
  • Customizable IOL database
  • Raytracing interface (OKULIX)

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Anterior Segment Imaging and Measurements

OCT image of an eye after ICL implantation, highlighting overlays of relevant post-surgery measurements, such as lens vault, chamber angle or aqueous depth.*

Anterior segment imaging and measurements

  • High-resolution OCT images of the entire anterior segment
  • Measurement of angle parameters
  • Lens vault
  • Lens thickness
  • Anterior chamber volume
  • Free-hand measurements anywhere on the OCT images

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*Image courtesies: Damien Gatinel, MD, PhD – Paris, France

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