A compact, fast, affordable SPECTRALIS is available to order

SPECTRALIS OCTAre you aware of the SPECTRALIS® standard model configuration? This “slimline” version (called the SPECTRALIS OCT) features a smaller headrest and a joystick trigger button, for fast image capture and a reduced footprint compared to the traditional SPECTRALIS HRA or HRA+OCT models. The joystick control is designed for ease of use, and makes capturing high-quality images simple, even for inexperienced users.

The SPECTRALIS OCT is an affordable solution that can be integrated into the existing hospital infrastructure. It is also proving popular in meeting the imaging requirements of a growing number of diagnostic hubs and virtual clinics across the country. 

Modular. Upgradeable. Future-proof.

The SPECTRALIS OCT is modular and upgradeable, allowing you to configure the platform to your individual requirements and budget, whilst future-proofing the technology in clinic for many years to come. The combination of the OCT2 Module, for speed, and the OCT Angiography Module, for non-invasive vascular imaging, has proven especially popular with many hospital trusts, who are looking to work through the backlog of overdue appointments, whilst maintaining the clinical sensitivity and specificity required for delivering diagnostic confidence and improved patient care.

Crucially, all SPECTRALIS devices contain the same core technologies for accurate, repeatable, and high-quality images, alongside the training and aftercare support, you would expect no matter which configuration you choose. Contact us for more information or a quotation.

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