Subbasal nerve plexus: Examine, explore, analyze with HRT3 RCM

HRT3 RCM LayersHRT3 RCM is a confocal in vivo corneal microscope that allows you to acquire unique en face images of the corneal layers. This gives you insights into cell structures and potential pathological changes within the entire cornea.


In patients with diabetes mellitus, damage to the peripheral nervous system can occur. This diabetic neuropathy can lead to functional disorders. Indications of these changes may be visible in the subbasal nerve plexus. HRT3 RCM supports you in the in vivo examination of the subbasal nerve plexus. The following images show the difference between the corneal nerve structure of a diabetes patient respective to a healthy eye.

Image courtesy: Prof. Rayaz A. Malik, PhD, MBChB, Weill Cornell Medicine – Qatar, Qatar

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HRT3 RCMHRT3 RCM - In vivo corneal microscope

Learn more about HRT3 RCM and explore the impressive high-resolution images in the image gallery.

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