New Retinal Layers interactive learning module available

Discover the updated Retinal Layers interactive learning module with more detailed retinal cell structures, cones and rods, and more precisely named layers.

With the high-resolution images of the OCT Angiography Module you can perform non-invasive, layer-by-layer examinations of flow in the vascular networks of the retina and choroid. Combined with the precision of TruTrack Active Eye Tracking, the OCTA Module enables fine capillary networks to be visualized in great detail and can help you confidently describe and pinpoint pathology.

Discover the retina interactively

Enjoy this new interactive learning module!

Retinal Layers Handout

The Retinal Layers Handout displays a high-resolution OCT cross section scan containing a detailed overview of the individual retinal layers, correlating cell structures of the retina as well as corresponding OCTA images.

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