HEYEX EMR, an electronic medical records solution with “unlimited possibilities”

EMR solution in ViennaIn this honest and inspiring Eyenews interview, Dr. Christoph Hackl, Consultant Ophthalmologist and Clinical Project Lead for the HEYEX EMR implementation, gives an account of the ophthalmology department’s experience at the Hanusch Hospital in Vienna. He describes the challenge associated with yearly increasing patient numbers and the administrative burden it entails, as well as the natural limitations of paper records.
Read about the experience of Dr. Hackl and his colleagues, under the leadership of Prof. Oliver Findl, with the introduction of HEYEX EMR and the team’s learning curve.
Also find out more about the most tangible benefits of structured data and what expectations they have for the future.

"When a system like HEYEX EMR supports structured data, the possibilities to use the data are unlimited”, said Dr. Christoph Hackl.

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Enjoy reading this interesting interview with Dr. Hackl.

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