Journal Article Review Sensitivity and specificity of MultiColor imaging in detecting proliferative diabetic retinopathy

This study suggests that MultiColor is excellent at discriminating NVD, laser spots, as well as hemorrhagic complications of NVC which determines high risk PDR, and can do so more accurately than FA.

Journal Article Review MultiColor imaging for detection of retinal nerve fiber layer defect in myopic eyes with glaucoma

This retrospective study investigates the diagnostic performance of MultiColor imaging with the SPECTRALIS® MultiColor Module for detecting RNFL defects in myopic eyes with and without glaucoma.

Journal Article Review Possible Undiagnosed Glaucoma Detected by MultiColor Imaging of Retinal Diseases

In this study MultiColor images were evaluated for the presence of visible RNFL defects on undiagnosed glaucoma patients.

E-Book MultiColor Atlas

This e-book by Dr. Shozo Sonoda highlights the differences between fundus images acquired with a fundus camera and MultiColor images.

Article Clinical Application of Multicolor Imaging Technology

The article “Clinical Application of MultiColor Imaging Technology” summarizes the benefits of MultiColor imaging with SPECTRALIS compared to traditional Color Fundus Photography.

Journal Article Review A comparison of MultiColor versus traditional color fundus photography

This JAR summarizes a study that compares the sensitivity and specificity of color fundus photography to the SPECTRALIS® MultiColor Module for detecting and grading of some features of AMD, e.g. hard drusen, soft drusen, and reticular pseudodrusen.

Journal Article Review Visualization of macular pucker by MultiColor Scanning Imaging

This is the first study directly comparing CFP with MC in their ability to visualize ERMs.



Journal Article Review Clinical application of MultiColor imaging technology

This paper describes the clinical utility of MultiColor imaging in a variety of sight-threatening retinal pathologies and correlates the findings with multimodal imaging techniques, including CFP.