SPECTRALIS OCT2 Module – Next generation OCT module

OCT2 Module - Next generation OCT moduleThe OCT2 Module brings the next generation of OCT technology to the SPECTRALIS® diagnostic imaging platform. It combines a high scan rate of 85,000 Hz with Heidelberg Engineering’s proprietary TruTrack Active Eye Tracking to provide excellent image quality and significantly improved acquisition speed.

”The enhanced contrast in OCT images is a bonus for everyone. Due to the higher scanrate image acquisition is reduced by 50% which is of special relevance for complex scan patterns used by the Glaucoma Module Premium Edition. In addition the OCT2 Module provides the ideal platform for advanced applications such as the OCT angiography*,” said Dr. Kester Nahen, Managing Director of Heidelberg Engineering.

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*OCT angiography is under development and not for sale yet.

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