Multimodality – A necessity for patient-centered diagnosis?

With the rise of technological innovation in retinal imaging and the availability of many different diagnostic tools, multimodality has become a topic of increasing interest. Karl G. Csaky, MD, discussed the benefits of multimodal imaging with Ocular Surgery News/Healio at the American Society of Retina Specialists annual meeting in July.

While OCT remains the imaging modality of choice to examine the vast majority of patients in clinics and practices, Dr. Csaky sees an “enormous value” in combining OCT with other diagnostic imaging modalities like fluorescein angiography, fundus autofluorescence or OCT angiography.

“Not every patient requires multimodality imaging, but when it is necessary, it is very important to have a platform that you can go across and easily examine the patients. This will result in efficiency – both in terms of patient-flow as well as your time in the clinic”.

Watch the full OSN/Healio video to learn in which cases multimodality is crucial for a comprehensive diagnosis.

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