Diagnostic Imaging Platform

The SPECTRALIS® is an ophthalmic imaging platform with an upgradable, modular design. This platform allows clinicians to configure each SPECTRALIS® to the specific diagnostic workflow in the practice or clinic.

Options include: OCT, multiple scanning laser fundus imaging modalities, widefield and ultra-widefield modules and scanning laser angiography.


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OCT Retina
Anterior Segment option option
Nsite Analytics option option
Glaucoma Module Premium Edition option option
OCT 2 Module (85,000 Hz) option option
Fundus Infrared Reflectance
BluePeak option
MultiColor option option option
Widefield Panning Camera option
Widefield Imaging (Fundus & OCT) option option option
Angiography Fluorescein Angiography
ICG Angiography option option
Ultra-Widefield Angiography option option

Standard modules

Some options can be added anytime; some are only available at initial equipment purchase.

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