The following apps are available to download for your iPhone and iPad or Android mobile device. Please click on a button to access the required store for downloading an app.


The official SPECTRALIS® app provides easy access to a broad range of comprehensive information about the SPECTRALIS retina and glaucoma imaging platform from Heidelberg Engineering.

With easy-to-understand videos, “pinch to zoom” image slide shows and demonstrative medical examples (glaucoma, retina, anterior segment), the SPECTRALIS app provides educational content about the latest imaging technologies and applications to eye care professionals.


The official HEYEX 2 app provides easy access to a broad range of comprehensive information about the HEYEX 2 Platform for Ophthalmic Image Management and Device Integration from Heidelberg Engineering.

Academy App

The Heidelberg Engineering Academy app provides easy access to all recorded educational content offered by the Heidelberg Engineering Academy. Load it and learn for free! Review the latest media online or download it via Wi-Fi or mobile connection for offline use later. At home or while traveling, on the plane or on the train, compile your own personal seminar!

BluePeak App

The BluePeak app by Heidelberg Engineering explains the non-invasive health check of the RPE.

BluePeak assists in the diagnosis of numerous retinal diseases and helps to evaluate emerging treatments for dry AMD.

Combining BluePeak Blue Laser Autofluorescence with spectral-domain OCT provides a complete analysis of the structure-function relationship within the retina.

Ophthalmic Practice App

The Heidelberg Engineering Ophthalmic Practice app supports eye care professionals in educating patients about OCT examinations.

Eye care professionals can use this interactive app to demonstrate the importance of OCT imaging for viewing the anatomy and function of the eye and as an early diagnostic tool for eye diseases such as glaucoma and age-related macular degeneration or impaired vision of unknown origin.