PDF Tutorial SPECTRALIS Glaucoma Module Premium Edition – BMO Positioning and OCT Interpretation in Glaucoma

The following PDF tutorial supplies comprehensive explanations about the physiological and technical background, the correct Bruch‘s Membrane Opening (BMO) positioning, the available scan patterns and the interpretation of the obtained data.

Video Multifactorial Holistic Glaucoma Diagnosis

Marta Pazos MD PhD explains in a practical way why it is so important to use multifactorial holistic complete approach to completely understand glaucoma.

Interactive Video Tutorial Glaucoma Module Premium Edition

Learn about the new features of the software module quickly and easily using the E-learning Tutorial!

Learning content:

  • Acquisition: Initializing APS, redefining APS, acquiring APS-based OCT images (ONH-RC, PPoleH, PPoleV scan)
  • Analysis: Analyzing images, possibilities for displaying images (ONH-RC scan, BMO end points, segmentation)