Healio OSN Video Perspective: New Technologies Showcased at AAO 2018

Kfir Azoulay, Vice President and Head of Corporate Strategy at Heidelberg Engineering, spoke at the Ophthalmology Innovation Summit during AAO 2018 about the company’s latest products and technologies, including the new OCTA Module for the SPECTRALIS diagnostic imaging platform. The OCTA Module’s unique algorithm along with its high lateral and axial resolution are able to discern the fine details of the retina in order to provide accurate flow information.

Mr. Azoulay also spoke about the High Magnification Module for SPECTRALIS, which offers a magnified 8-degree field of view of the retina, and the new anterior segment platform available outside the United States, ANTERION. The ANTERION platform is not FDA cleared for sale in the United States. 

Healio OSN video Perspective

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