Glaucoma specialists highlight the importance of reviewing OCT Images

Glaucoma todayIn a recent issue of Glaucoma Today, Felipe Medeiros, MD, PhD, and Brian Samuels, MD, PhD, discuss how analysis of high-quality SD-OCT images can provide clarity in cases when individual parameters do not agree or are otherwise inconclusive.

To illustrate this assertion, the physicians summarize two patient cases from the “Glaucoma Imaging Atlas,” a compilation of patient cases from 29 global contributors that demonstrate how OCT information can be fully utilized for the diagnosis and management of glaucoma.

Ultimately,” the authors state, “it is important to bear in mind that the summary parameters provided on the printout are derived from the images; therefore, examining the images themselves can shed light on possible reasons for discrepancy between the information provided by the parameters and the rest of the clinical picture. The clinician can reduce uncertainty by reviewing the images provided by OCT.

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