FLIO Research Showing Promising Results and Benefits over Conventional Retinal Imaging

FLIO ResearchersFluorescence Lifetime Imaging Ophthalmoscopy (FLIO) has received increasing attention from the ophthalmic scientific community because of its ability to image metabolic changes in tissues, and to identify subtle retinal changes which are not detectable with other imaging techniques.

Heidelberg Engineering XTREME Research Award 2019 recipients, Chantal Dysli, MD, PhD and Lydia Sauer, MD, Dr. med, have been involved in FLIO research for the past seven years. They recently discussed their research with Ocular Surgery News/Healio during ARVO’s annual meeting in May 2019. They highlighted three distinct benefits of FLIO:

  1. Identification and differentiation of retinal diseases in challenging cases such as MacTel, CSCR, and AMD.
  2. Monitoring of subtle changes and disease progression, even before these are visible with conventional retinal imaging techniques.
  3. Early detection of disease before damage occurs.

Further research and follow-up observations of cases are needed to fully understand the benefits and practical applications of FLIO, but the results to date are very promising.

Watch the full OSN/Healio video to learn more about the FLIO research of Dr. Dysli and Dr. Sauer.

Note: FLIO is not FDA cleared or CE marked and is not commercially available in the United States or European Union.

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