Eyewire TV: SPECTRALIS High Magnification Module Launched at AAO 2018

SPECTRALIS High Magnification ModuleDuring AAO 2018, Heidelberg Engineering announced FDA clearance of the High Magnification Module for the SPECTRALIS diagnostic imaging platform. Ali Tafreshi, Head of Product Management and Clinical Affairs at Heidelberg Engineering, spoke with EyeWire TV about the benefits of this new module.

Mr. Tafreshi explained that the High Magnification Module, which consists of a lens and a software upgrade for new and existing SPECTRALIS devices, utilizes confocal scanning laser ophthalmoscopy to resolve microstructures in the retina by reducing intraocular light scattering. By offering higher resolution in a smaller field of view, the High Magnification Module enables clinicians to diagnose and manage patients with a level of detail not previously available.

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