Interview about OCT angiography: “Multimodal imaging is our guiding principle”

This interview with Dr. Kester Nahen originally published in German in the journal Concept Ophthalmologie (issue 09/2016) addresses the characteristics of the non-invasive OCT angiography and the specifics of the recently launched SPECTRALIS OCT Angiography Module (currently available only outside the USA):

Dr. Kester Nahen, Heidelberg Engineering GmbH
Dr. Kester Nahen, Managing Director, Heidelberg Engineering GmbH

Dr. Nahen, about a year ago we spoke about OCTA, which was expected to be released soon at that time. In November 2016 your OCT Angiography Module was finally made available for purchase*. Do good things come to those who wait?

Dr. Nahen: Those familiar with Heidelberg Engineering products know that we attach great importance to the quality of our imaging solutions. Not only did we want to deliver extraordinary image quality, but we also wanted an OCT Angiography Module that could be integrated into the existing SPECTRALIS platform. This upgradeability aligns with our guiding principle of multimodal imaging and consequently with an efficient workflow. The OCT Angiography Module is available for SPECTRALIS devices with the OCT2 Module. The first OCTA customers have confirmed that they are very satisfied, particularly with the image quality, and with the ability to correlate pixel to pixel the OCTA images with images acquired with other modalities.

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