New Quick Tutorials deliver Tips & Tricks for Retina and Glaucoma Imaging!

Image Acquisiton: Retina

We are happy to present two new Image Acquisition Quick Tutorials for retina and glaucoma diagnostics with the SPECTRALIS® OCT. Both Quick Tutorials deliver useful tips and tricks for you and your colleagues in operating the SPECTRALIS and acquiring high-quality images for a confident retina and glaucoma assessment in daily practice.

Image Acquisition: Retina

The SPECTRALIS Quick Tutorial “Image Acquisition: Retina” guides you in acquiring high-quality images of the retina and highlights a selection of scan pattern presets that come by default (Line, Radial, Fast, Dense, and Posterior Pole).



Image Acquisiton: Standard Glaucoma PresetsImage Acquisition: Standard Glaucoma Presets

The SPECTRALIS Quick Tutorial “Image Acquisition: Standard Glaucoma Presets” provides you with instructions on how to acquire images using basic glaucoma scan pattern presets (RNFL circle and Posterior Pole) of the standard Glaucoma Module.



Enjoy using these Quick Tutorials in your daily practice and find more individual learning offerings at!

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