Heidelberg Engineering announces website launch of consortium dedicated to improving glaucoma detection

Heidelberg Engineering, an industry partner of the Glaucoma / Myopia OCT Phenotyping Consortium (GMOPC), welcomes the unveiling of the consortium’s official website.

The GMOPC, established in 2020 as an investigator-initiated clinical research study, comprises 13 clinical centers around the world whose ophthalmic researchers will advance insights into OCT image acquisition, data storage, and retrieval, with the ultimate goal of helping clinicians detect glaucoma earlier and improving patient care.

The GMOPC’s mission revolves around using OCT for characterizing glaucomatous abnormalities and laying a foundation for secure data sharing and machine learning on an international scale, and empowering international research initiatives.

Since its inception in 1990, Heidelberg Engineering has been dedicated to continuous optimization of ophthalmic imaging and healthcare IT to support clinicians at the point of care.

Charles Reisman, GMOPC Executive Director and Scientific Director for Heidelberg Engineering, sees tremendous long-term potential: “Our primary objective is the advancement of scientific knowledge, while accelerating the introduction of clinically-relevant, innovative solutions to improve patient care. We are excited to play a part in the continuous development of a scalable imaging and data management solutions to foster scientific exchange.”

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