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Useful materials for SPECTRALIS MultiColor

SPECTRALIS MultiColor – Scanning Laser Imaging is an innovative technology for fundus imaging offering image detail and clarity not available from traditional fundus photography.

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Video tutorial on interpretation of OCT images

The introduction of OCT technology puts powerful diagnostic capabilities in the hands of eye care professionals. In particular, for many diseases, general ophthalmologists and optometrists can now make diagnoses right in their own practice [...]

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Know your retinal layers

Two decades since its introduction, OCT has become indispensable for research, screening, diagnosing, and monitoring diseases of the macula and optic nerve head.

 In a high quality, high resolution OCT scan, at least 13 retinal layers can be identified, the names of which [...]

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SPECTRALIS OCT2 Module – Next generation OCT module

The OCT2 Module brings the next generation of OCT technology to the SPECTRALIS® diagnostic imaging platform. It combines a high scan rate of 85,000 Hz with Heidelberg Engineering’s proprietary TruTrack Active Eye Tracking to provide excellent image quality and significantly improved acquisition speed.

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ICG angiography remains valuable

During a symposium on innovations for the diagnosis and imaging of vitreoretinal diseases at the recent World Ophthalmology Congress (WOC 2016), Dr. Ferrara, Tufts University School of Medicine, Boston, MA, provided evidence to support the high diagnostic value of ICG angiography [...]

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Interactive video tutorial for Widefield Imaging Module

The Widefield Imaging Module provides a 55 degree field of view for all SPECTRALIS® fundus imaging modalities including MultiColor, BluePeak, infrared reflectance, angiography, and OCT.

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OCT angiography interview with Dr. Kester Nahen

Dr. Kester Nahen, Managing Director of Heidelberg Engineering, explains in this interview the diagnostic potential and limitations of OCT angiography.

This novel technology makes it possible to visualize distinct vascular networks at different depths in the retina [...]

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13th International SPECTRALIS Symposium 2015 in Valencia – videos now available online!

Record numbers attended this year’s International SPECTRALIS Symposium (ISS). More than 400 participants from 49 countries accepted an invitation from the Heidelberg Engineering Academy to the 13th ISS in Valencia, Spain, held on October 16 and 17, 2015.

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DOG 2015 highlights: German preview of Cataract and Refractive Imaging Platform and the latest on OCT angiography

Heidelberg Engineering attended the congress of the German Ophthalmologists’ Society (DOG) in Berlin from October 1-4, 2015. The overarching motto of this year’s event was basic research and cross-disciplinary cooperation.

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Winners of Vision Research’s picture competition 2015 announced

The European Vision Institute (EVI) announced the winners of its 7th Picture Competition in Vision Research & Ophthalmology. Heidelberg Engineering has supported this competition since its first edition in 2009.

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