Two new features in the SPECTRALIS Glaucoma Toolkit

Technology to EmpowerThe Ophthalmologist has just published an educational article showcasing the new Deviation Maps and the Hood Glaucoma Report, which are now part of the SPECTRALIS® Glaucoma Module Premium Edition (GMPE).

The article illustrates how Deviation Maps and the Hood Glaucoma Report facilitate accurate, objective glaucoma examinations personalized to the patient’s individual anatomy.

Deviation Maps

With the discrimination power of the SPECTRALIS GMPE Deviation Maps, clinicians can visualize structural loss at a glance. Comparison of thickness measurements with the reference database enhances their diagnostic value. The maps highlight the probability of measurements that are not within normal limits – revealing regions and associated patterns in specific retinal layers that have statistically significant thinner or thicker values. But that’s not all: the SPECTRALIS GMPE Deviation Maps also extend beyond the macula grid, delivering a wealth of additional diagnostic information.

Hood Glaucoma Report

The Hood Glaucoma Report included in the SPECTRALIS GMPE combines and organizes the most pertinent OCT data from the ONH, RNFL and macula, empowering physicians to detect glaucomatous damage and relate information to visual field location in a clinically effective manner.

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Glaucoma ToolkitMultimodal Approach

Find out how the multimodal approach empowers you to evaluate both routine glaucoma patients and those who present with a diagnostic conundrum.

Now with deviation maps and Hood glaucoma report, as standard, it has never been simpler to offer accurate, glaucoma care, personalized to the patient – and the physician.

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