Systematic Evaluation of Eyes with CNV using SPECTRALIS OCT Angiography Module

Systematische Beurteilung choroidaler Neovaskularisationen (CNV) mit Hilfe des SPECTRALIS OCT-Angiografie-ModulsThe OCT Angiography Module for SPECTRALIS® is a non-invasive imaging technology that provides a three-dimensional depiction of retinal vascular flow with customizable field of view, scan speed, and image resolution. This modality, as part of a multi-modal approach to imaging, empowers the clinician with extremely valuable supplementary clinical information that improves diagnostic confidence.

The latest video tutorial from the Heidelberg Engineering Academy demonstrates the application and benefit of a systematic evaluation of OCT angiography images in a series of patients presenting with various types of choroidal neovascularization (CNV). The video features special guest Richard Gale, Consultant Ophthalmologist, York Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, UK, who provides his clinical insight and opinions.

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