Corneal measurements – Enhance your clinical workflow with customized reports

ANTERION® – the multimodal imaging platform optimized for the anterior segment – offers the Cornea App as an optional application. With this comprehensive diagnostic solution, you can assess a patient’s individual corneal geometry.

Diagnose and monitor corneal alterations using the powerful combination of high-resolution OCT images and precise corneal measurements. The correlation of corneal maps with the camera and OCT images provides you with a new level of diagnostic confidence: You can doublecheck the indications from the corneal maps in the OCT and camera images for a more thorough assessment of the pathological change. Additionally you can follow-up on surgical results like keratoplasty, implanted IOLs or corneal ring segments.

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The ANTERION Cornea App provides curvature and elevation maps of the anterior and posterior corneal surfaces, as well as maps for total corneal power, pachymetry and corneal wavefront analysis.

Discover more clinical cases and experience the powerful combination of high-resolution OCT images and corneal measurements for a thorough assessment.

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