Benefit from accurate anterior segment metrics to optimize your daily clinical routine

ANTERION Metrics AppThe high-resolution swept-source OCT images of the ANTERION® platform provide the ideal basis for accurate metrics. With the ANTERION Metrics App, you can determine predefined angle parameters or perform free-hand measurements – customized to your clinical case.

The Metrics App features the essential anterior chamber metrics such as aqueous depth, ACA, AOD, TISA, ACA distance, spur-to-spur distance, central corneal thickness and white-to-white.

Beyond commonly used parameters, the Metrics App also offers anterior chamber volume, lens thickness, and vault.

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ANTERION Metrics App
Metrics App: SS-OCT image with main parameters for cornea, anterior chamber, lens, anterior chamber angle and pupil
Image courtesy: Oliver Findl, MD, MBA, FEBO, Vienna, Austria


360 GradYou can display the most important angle parameters in illustrative 360° graphs. The comprehensive assessment of angle parameters as well as detailed information about important anterior chamber metrics can be a useful extension in the diagnosis and follow-up of glaucoma.

Learn how the ANTERION Metrics App can help you to optimize your daily clinical routine.

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