Support clinical decision making with enhanced cornea features of the ANTERION®
that will deepen diagnostic insights and transform surgery planning

Supplement SCORE: An Algorithm for Ectasia Screening

Dr. Gatinel and Dr. Saad of the Rothschild Foundation, have developed a new analysis tool that has been optimized for use with ANTERION®, to help detect and evaluate various ectatic diseases, including keratoconus. 

Supplement Biometry in Normal and Difficult Eyes

A pilot study by Dr. Kjell Gundersen suggests that swept-source anterior segment OCT is the optimal way to achieve accurate and reproducible biometric measurements, even in difficult eyes.

Supplement Ray Tracing for Post-LASIK Patients

A study of IOL calculation methods by Dr. Bjørn Gjerdrum from the IFocus Eye Clinic suggests that OKULIX calculations based on ANTERION data provided the best post-operative results in comparison with competitor products. 

Supplement A device with validated precision and accuracy

Prof. Dr. Oliver Findl, Chair of the Department of Ophthalmology at the Hanusch Hospital in Vienna, and his team undertook several studies to assess the performance of ANTERION vis-à-vis competitor products.

Supplement Comparison of Two Swept-Source OCT Biometry Devices

The ANTERION Cataract App showed high agreement with the IOLMaster 700.

Supplement Revolutionary Anterior Segment Diagnostics: It's in the Image

Enhance your clinical decision making with the ANTERION® imaging platform optimized for the anterior segment.